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Brown Dogs

Boarding Packages

Pamper Your Pet with These Extras!

A la Carte Activities
*All listed activities are in addition to your regular board

  • Good Pup Treat $6 (Doggie biscuit) — Bedtime turndown service with a doggie cookie.

  • Bizzy Kong $9 (see Chef’s examples below) — Appropriate size Kong stuffed with Chef’s goodies… mmmm.

  • Night-time Potty Break $12 — Late potty break in our yards (good especially for puppies and geriatrics). 

  • Playtime-Group $14 — Playtime in one of our spacious yards with doggie friends and/or staff.

  • Playtime-Individual $15 — Personal playtime with a staff member.

  • Petting Session $14 — Extra lovin’ with a staff member. 

  • Teeth Brushing $15 — With our special doggie toothpaste and doggie toothbrush.

  • Leash Walk $15 — Leash walk around our property with staff member (each walk up to 3).

  • Jogging $22 — A 15 to 20 min jog around our property with a staff member.

  • Pet-A-Cure $20-$25 — (nail cut & grind) Ask about our polish ($15-20).

  • Woodland Adventure $22 — A 15 to 20 min romp through our 12 wooded acres with a staff member.

  • Waterpark *Seasonal* $22 — A 20 to 30 min splashing good time in the waterpark with our lifeguard.

  • BBQ *Weather permitting* $15 — Playtime with whatever the chef has on the grill (hamburger,
    hotdog, chicken) mmmm!

  • Waterpark BBQ *Weather permitting* $27 — Hamburger & Hotdog from the grill master & a splashing good time!

Special Packages (activities grouped for discounts)
*All listed packages are per-day, and are in addition to your regular board. 

  • Birthday Package - $60
    -Celebrate their special day with: Playtime all day -Special petting all day -Birthday Party Pictures
     on Facebook -Homemade personalized Birthday Cake to share with pals! -Night Potty (boarding)

  • Playtime Package - $20 (save $6)
    -Playtime/Petting - Night Potty

  • Puppy Deluxe Package - $40 (save $20)
    -Playtime all day - Night Potty - Good Pup Treat

  • Puppy Pack Package - $38 (save $11)
    -Double Playtime - Night Potty - Bizzy Kong

  • Double-Play Night Package - $30 (save $10)
    -Double Playtime -Night Potty

  • TLC Package - $20 (save $6)
    -Petting Session - Night Potty

  • **SEASONAL**
    Summertime Madness - $37 (save $16)
       -Waterpark - Playtime - Homemade ice-cream treat -Night Potty 
    Winter Wonderland - $37 (save $20)
       -Winter Woodland Adventure - Bizzy Kong - Snowball Playtime - Night Potty


Special Treats - Bizzy Kongs ($9): (some examples of what our chef creates for our guests!)

DOG - treats
“Breakfast” (Egg, bacon, cheese)
“Chicken Pot Pie” (Chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots/peas)
“Kibble n Cheese” (dry dog food with cheese)
“PBK” (dry dog food with peanut butter)
“Dogurt” (dry dog food with meat flavored Yogurt)
“Meat Lover’s” (pieces of chicken, turkey, or beef)
“Banana Split” (banana & peanut butter)

“Pizza” (Liverwurst w/cheese & puparoni) 
“Treat of the Day” (whatever the chef makes)

CAT - treats
—Fresh cat nip —Tuna bites —Salmon bites —Sardines


Call to make an appointment & for questions: 240-655-5050

— More information: See Services page.

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